What are the advantages of trading in the Forex market?

To start as a beginner in the Forex market, there are a number of things that we need to make clear to you so that we encourage you to start trading in the Forex market and the global stock exchanges.

Many companies and large financial institutions compete in the field of securities trading "Forex" in attracting new customers.

Many different ways are used to achieve this. They rely mainly on advertising and marketing on the dazzling element and bright promises that every honest person should assure others that many of them carry a great deal of exaggeration.

The Forex market is no doubt a golden opportunity for those who care enough and is keen to learn enough to be able to progress and succeed in a reasonable time.

We are referring here to the slow and thoughtful progress, not progress, which bears the imprint of recklessness, rush, and joy with great gains at first.

In order to start the Forex market in an excellent way, there are a number of things that we should make clear to you to encourage you to actually start this kind of trade.

Forex Trading Features
To encourage someone to start a path, one must be fully aware of the advantages that this road carries at all levels. The answer to the first question is what are the advantages that a person finds in the Forex market, "the currency trading market", we find that the first is the opportunity is distinctive and always available to make a profit. The Forex market is an open global market that is not subject to any customs, tax, technical or logistical obstacles, and thus is an open and very large market for securities.

In addition, the Forex market includes most international institutions and major banks, including central government banks such as the US Federal Reserve, the European Bank, the Bank of Japan and others, or private and investment banks around the world such as NGB, Barclays and others. In addition, the volume of investments or trades in the Forex market currently exceeds $ 4 billion a day, which is a huge figure that reflects the size of this market and reflects the size of the opportunities available to achieve gains.

Advantages of the Forex market on a personal level
As for the advantages achieved by the Forex market and trading on the personal level of those who trade in it are many. In the forefront of which is an additional source of excellent income, especially in the medium and long term. Also, trading in Forex does not require much time and effort after passing the training and learning period, a few minutes a day enough to make deals and currency trading and gain. In addition to trading in the Forex market, the person earns many experiences, both personal and psychological experiences such as control of nerve pressure, and making sound decisions or on the professional level and experience in the field of Forex itself. There is an opportunity for those who learn more and become at a higher level of experience to study the outcome of their knowledge in many specialized centers and institutions after obtaining a certified certificate. A field that is considered modern in the world and thus the person has a less competitive opportunity with others as he finds in the rest of the different fields.

What is the difference between trading in the Forex market and the stock exchange?
• The stock market is a regional market or within the borders of the state, and Forex is a global market does not recognize borders and international issues.
• The volume of investments and funds traded on international exchanges such as the Dow Jones Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange are much more complex than those in the Forex market, but taking into consideration that Forex is a relatively recent market compared to stock exchanges dating back to the early 20th century in some countries.
• On stock exchanges, large companies offer their shares and are traded by investors and owners of large financial portfolios and the opportunity of the small investor is very small. In Forex companies, institutions and investors are all just parties and all of them are trading, whether selling or buying, which governs the whole process is the currency rates at every moment.