Learn forex trading for beginners

It is easy for you as a beginner in the Forex market to mislead your way or be confused or burdened by all the information that the Internet gives you about trading. The best you can do is to just slow down and learn how to trade properly from an expert. Hurry up.

The following ten tips for trading in the Forex market are things that I wanted if someone told me at the beginning of my trading. Therefore, by taking this into account, I will tell you the top ten tips that a beginner or other trader should take before starting trading .

1 - Learn the basics first
Many novice traders try to enter the market directly without any real knowledge of the markets they are trading in. In order to build a solid trading platform, you need to learn how to deal with the Forex market (or any other market). Market terminology ... before you actually start in-depth and study one of the trading strategies.

2 - Learn and adhere to one trading strategy
Changing trading methods is often one of the biggest mistakes I see novice traders make over and over again. If you use a logical and acceptable approach like my price action strategy, you have to really learn and master it before doing anything else. Because you think you will find the magic trading strategy, then you are simply following a false illusion and thinking in a way that is devoid of common sense, so you will lose your money.
It also does not change trading methods just because you have suffered a few losing trades. Any way you would have had a certain amount of losing trades during a number of consecutive trades. This is normal and part of the trading cycle. You should not allow losing trades to affect you very much, You need real discipline to master the trading steps.

3 - Do not fall prey to disability
It is easy for you to feel the inability to understand the many information and trading strategies and you are a beginner, it happens with us all at the beginning, and the easiest way to reduce the impact of those feelings or avoid altogether, is to find those who teach you and learn to trade on his hands and learn from their successes, I have presented all of my trading strategies for you to learn in the cycle of price movement, and in my view, the best thing is to turn away from the rest of the other ways, and forget everything I learned before, and learn from the beginning what I teach a new opportunity Just focus on it until you learn What you really do is trading things.

4 - Do not panic when the deal is going to go in your favor
This problem is especially problematic because most traders, especially novices, are alarmed or overreacted at the first sign of a change in the direction of the transaction down. This problem is more evident in the real trading of the demo trading because of the different reactions among them, Address them and find them for a suitable solution.

It is normal for a change in the direction of the deal to become in your favor, you have been through transactions where the price index approached by about 5 points from the point of stop loss and then turn to make huge profits. If you have been scared and decided to close those deals before you do a stop loss, I would not only lose some money, but I would also lose a lot of profits. That is the main reason why you should leave your business without your intervention and do not close it early, except that they moved in a direction that is not satisfactory to you.

In fact, it is very simple to set the Stop Loss order in a logical and secure position (we will talk about this later) and to determine the size of the exchange center so that the amount of dollars in risk is within the limit of its loss and leave the transaction intact. Make room for market movement and go for some time playing golf, exercising at the gym or sleeping. Then you can rest assured the deal the next day. Not making any changes to real deals is the best (and most useful) With the "set and leave" rule.