Is Forex trading profitable or risky?

Now is the right time to actually start a real Forex account to actively participate in currency trading in the Forex market. We spent enough time trading through the demo account, the default account in which we applied all the fundamentals we learned over the past period, both the factors influencing the currency market and the basic definitions and concepts such as interest rate, margin, inflation, exchange rate and trading strategies. We learned together strategies to scale losses and reduce them. We will see together after a period of strategies to protect profits and strategies to provide safety during trading, and we will learn the difficult times in trading in the Forex market and how to deal with them so as not to affect our account Negative.

It is better for us to start our first steps in the Forex market with a mini-account whose capital value starts from ten dollars and does not exceed one hundred dollars. In a previous article, "Mini Account", we mentioned all the advantages that make this account our best choice at the beginning of dealing with Forex with a real account, after a period of learning and training in our default demo account. We recommend this mini account as a transitional step between the demo account and the start-to-professional phase and the use of the regular account.

Types of accounts There are two types of real accounts that we share to trade in the Forex market, there is a normal and conventional type, which starts in most trading companies or brokerage of a hundred dollars minimum and usually reach $ 500 as the capital of the trader, the person may choose a greater value deposited in Some traders can open an account with a capital of $ 1,000, $ 5,000 or $ 10,000. All these values ​​and types fall into all companies under the name of the ordinary account. The second kind of real accounts is the most suitable for novice traders. It is a mini account. Some companies offer a special type of micro account, which starts from one dollar and a maximum of ten dollars. The maximum limit is 100 dollars.

New Forex Account: Watch Out ... Your Real Account
You are now in the first steps to start trading by using a real Forex account .... Do you realize that well? .. The question is obvious but important and will inevitably recognize its importance if it suffered any sudden loss. There is a big difference between your trades and you do not suffer from any negative feelings such as anxiety, fear, nervousness and nervousness in your demo account, which we consider a virtual way to bring you the real trading environment, but does not give you the same motives and cannot feel through trading the same true feelings You will use your real account in your real account. Even if you start with limited capital, it is your own money that you trade. Every loss in it will cause you frustration and anger, and every profit in it will cause you recovery and happiness even if it is a simple gain. It is necessary to realize this sharp psychological difference early and do not overlook it, which is not now start the adventure and the rush in circulation every step by calculation and every movement and every behavior must be wise and accurate.

Choose the company you're subscribing to
You do not have to sign up for a real Forex account through the same company where you have subscribed to a demo account on its website. You can easily see different promotional offers for more than one trading company in the Forex market and it is good to follow up and compare the different offers in an exhibition of exhibitions, if possible in your city or near you.

Preferably from my point of view and from the point of view of many professional traders that your choice of trading company that opens your real account is the same company that tried to choose to open your demo account, as long as your choice is appropriate and you are able to judge so you are using the platform of these companies already in your account You have dealt with them and with the customer service team and technical support throughout the last period, all in favor of your choice of the same company to open a real Forex account, unless your judgment on this company from the previous experience in dealing with it negatively, here must stay away from them and look for a better company. And the most important factors that you should be interested in we mentioned in a previous article, and are not affected by the promotional offers that attract many of the customers and beginners and profit and services without limit.

There are other important factors we evaluate the company through, including technical support services and customer service and technical analysis and news provided to customers. This does not negate the importance of exploiting promotional offers if they are good but their importance does not precede the other factors.