Important Forex trading tips for beginners

There are a lot of questions for beginners in forex trading. We will try to provide a number of models for these questions and clear and simple answers to them. These questions are very similar to most of those approaching the Forex field. You will always find it in the mind of anyone who knows by accident or through ads on the Internet and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. As a beginner, you can easily start trading with confidence, but we recommend learning for a long time and training for a long period on a demo account. This is a similar and approximate system for the real trading system and not much different from it. However, it allows the person to trade in unreal amounts and therefore does not fear losing, and focuses only on the identification of trading systems and more accustomed to the ways and applications. Most professional tips for beginners that the period of learning and training should not be less than 6 months at least.

How do I start trading in Forex? This is one of the most important questions that you find most often with any newbie who wants to enter the field of trading in the Forex market. In order to provide you with an adequate answer to this question, I must point out here a very important point. The Forex market is a commercial and investment field that requires fatigue, carefulness and knowledge. It is not considered a treasure or a petroleum well, so it is gold, sapphire and coral. All you got and invaded your minds from brilliant advertising about fabulous gains, income multiples and other things you should ignore as a first step in the world of Forex. As for the answer to this question, the beginning is summarized in a number of things:

1.     Registration of personal data in any forum or page specialized in the field of Forex.
2.     Follow and read as much information about Forex as possible.
3.     Write important notes in a side sheet.
4.     Attend any seminar or training course on Forex whether in your country or in a regional conference. If this is not possible, you can attend courses via the Internet.
5.     Start by choosing one of the companies that offers trading in the Forex market and subscribing to a simple account.
6.     Training for a period of at least 6 months in a demo account and availability of this demo account of the terms of your choice of the company you are contracting with, and most companies offer this account for free.
7.     Start trading with very calculated steps and simple operations.
8.     The first steps in the world of professionalism and gaining experience.

What is a demo account?
A demo account is a very similar account to a real person's account on the global Forex network. The difference is that the amount of the capital is not real and is a default amount that you use to trade and trade without fear of losing it and at the same time the gain does not get it is ultimately an imaginary account.

The advantage of using this account is that you practice more realistically on the same system you will trade on afterwards. This will bring you more experience and more friction with the trading system and thus corrupt the methods and data and know how to use them and how you can get your tools well. The downside of this demo account is that it does not train you to control the psychological issues that play a key role in trading the Forex market.

Trading with an account that teaches you that the money is not real isolates you from anxiety, fear and hesitation, but trading with a real account and money in it will make you feel these emotions in the initial period and tire in order to control them in a way that does not affect your decision to trade.

How do I choose the best company?
Many things interfere with choosing the best and most appropriate company through which to participate in the opportunity to trade in securities or Forex. Of these things:
·        The company's reputation, history and experience within the market.
·        The volume of investments and funds traded through this company and you have the right to ask their employees about it.
·        Does the company provide any service to the client in addition to the opportunity to trade on the Forex network? Some companies, for example, offer technical advice to their customers and this is very useful for beginners.
·        Some companies offer a discounted training service, and many companies offer a free demo account to all their clients with large capital so they can train well.
·        Some companies offer an additional bonus on each investment by the customer.
·        Is the company trading through the main trading platform of the Forex market directly or through a platform of the company itself.
·        The most suitable for novice traders is the sidebar, and the most suitable for the experienced is definitely the open platform.