How to understand the foreign exchange market?

You may have heard about Forex and have seen many of its announcements but you simply did not understand it. Here is a simplified explanation of the forex exchange market and its risks and how to start participating in this market.

Personally, I became surprised when I opened a page on one of the websites to find a promotional brochure promising to enrich and win by signing up for Forex. Personally, I did not know what the word "forex" meant, especially since it was written in Arabic, not English. (Reasonable, no, honestly, you get $ 1500 a week?), being skeptical, and not risk-averse, I've had the first impression of them (not reasonable, wrong), even if I On the ground until then, I did not know what Forex was, but as it stood I do not want to be a millionaire in just a few years because you have resorted to this. The market decided to get rid of the hectic and tedious daily life of the job, and in fact, to what is promoting such a market originally? I started researching in this area and I tried to share some of my findings.

What is forex market foreign currency exchange
Forex is the abbreviation to the following phrase (Foreign Exchange Market), which, as I mentioned earlier means the foreign exchange market, and this market means and on the ground speculation currency, and this profession is old and not new, but it is very famous in our country before, and has a black market , Usually in front of banks and money exchangers find someone who addresses you whispering to change his currency at a more profitable price for you from the bank or this cashier.

But what is new in this matter and why this magic story spread about this market ?, Back to the previous talk, this trade is old and the stock exchanges have started there since the thirties of the last century, but the big coup came in this market with the Internet entering the world, which created a lot Of the companies that have become available and through the Internet for individuals, many platforms and portfolios to carry the currency through them, in addition to providing training on the market and trade through, these new companies have made the foreign exchange market is the first market in the world in terms of trade and expansion .

Conclusion: On the ground the market exists and any person can invest his savings through this market, but within the following observations: Success is not guaranteed: contrary to what the advertisements and advertising on this market, in fact the success in this area is not guaranteed or guaranteed , In the end is a speculative market, and at any moment may be exposed to gain, may be subject to loss, and this depends either on your fudge in this trade or the compromise of your broker.

There are many companies in this field: many people are dealing in this market and over the Internet, frauds are spread through fake companies and through the Internet, so it is advised not to register with a company is not guaranteed 100%, whatever temptations , You may get what you like throughout your life later on your good intentions.

How do you start to subscribe to the Forex market?
In order to start dealing with this market and to understand how it works and become aware of its movement, you should open a default account for this purpose. For those who want to know more about the meaning of this account, it means that most intermediary companies operating in this market To provide new customers with a real account in everything and allows this new customer real information and access to the index of currencies in terms of high and low and more than that it allows the customer to experience virtual purchases and sales, but the only thing is the only money, you are in this account Do not do To buy real money, so you do not make a profit or loss as much as you look at the style of work and study until you feel that you are qualified to run the real experience with the real owner.

The advantages of this account are as follows: Real practice: As we said earlier, when you start the default account, you enter this market with an account considered from all interfaces real only in terms of using real money.