How to open a Forex account?

Mini Forex Account: Several advantages of a mini Forex account, which is recommended for beginners in trading in the Forex market. We know the mini Forex account and its advantages and disadvantages.

We have come together to a good and reasonable stage of understanding the fundamentals of trading and trading in the currency market or forex, and we began to understand a number of concepts such as necessary strategy of avoiding losses and reduce losses, and the factors affecting the market, and factors that affect the exchange rate, The big central banks in moving the market and in changing the interest rate and its impact on the market index, and we understand the size of the risk in trading in the Forex market, and we understand the role of the demo account, which we practice in all the strategies and principles that we learn to try and try to develop as much as possible Before we venture and start our first steps in the Forex market with a real account and our own capital.

Now we have reached the stage where we should start a real step on the ground in the forex market but with full interest in continuing to learn the new and gain experience and review mistakes first-hand, so we do not suffer a big loss We deal with the market as a beginner, Minimized.

Forex account is a real account to trade with real capital of your own, but a relatively limited account, you can open it through a trading company with a capital of not more than one hundred US dollars, and there are some companies allow beginners to open an account called a micro account and starts with a capital of ten dollars only . We recommend that you start with a normal mini account with a capital of $ 100, which is the best and best as long as you follow the steps mentioned in previous articles seriously, as long as you will abide by them during the trading times of your real account in the market.

It is very important to choose the right company and do not rush to subscribe through any company that tempts you with marketing offers to attract you. The promotional offers are certainly good but the last factor you choose the company through which you participate is to open your account on the basis of it.

Mini Forex Account: Advantages
There are several advantages to calculating Forex Mini, but the most important of these advantages is certainly to allow beginners to start dealing with the market and make sales and purchase easily and in real trading with a real account, with the least risk because of the small size of the account financially, Very for all traders with weak experience and who take the first steps in the field of trading in the Forex market.

This type of account is used by many traders in our Arab world because it is suitable for too many groups of low-savings people, another advantage. Another important advantage of this account is that it does not cause any psychological pressure on the stores and the maximum possibility of loss remains in the end few. Mini Forex Account The Mini Forex Account is not only an area or account for the experienced trader but it is the best and most suitable choice for professionals and professionals to use as a test field for new trading strategies or to design and manufacture them for trading in their other large accounts.

Therefore, you will find all the professional stores have a mini-Forex account in which he tried a number of strategies and methods before using the market in his normal account. Step by Step When you use the Mini Forex account in this way, there are two important factors to keep in mind.

The first factor is that this account must deal with it in the same way as dealing with a regular or conventional forex account. It is an open account with real capital no matter how small. Although the amount of money generated revolves around one dollar per point, the value. The rule in which the micro account works at the psychological level is that you can only experience a new trading strategy realistically and realistically when you are dealing in the market with a real account. Therefore, as a trader, you must be psychologically and mentally qualified to consider the mini account a small version of the traditional account, and this is the right way to enable you to determine the level of performance and the extent of development in your level of trading.

When trading on the Forex market using trading strategies with confidence, you can start increasing trading times and then think about developing your account for a larger capital, but the best that we recommend not rush this step and use the time to develop the level in a mini account.

Minor Account Disadvantages
The Mini Forex account may have all the advantages that we recommend you use and start with. Even if we mention its disadvantages, we will continue to recommend using it as its advantages in trading in the Forex market is bigger and more important. The disadvantages that you will see in a mini-Forex account are the most important. It will not bring you what you desire from a big gain, a rich profit and fast wealth. Many people unfortunately get bored because of this and this is a big mistake. It is best to deal with logic. This account is not its field and its role is to make a big profit, but its real role is to learn in a realistic way and in the real market and to apply the information acquired in the previous time before entering the market using a normal account With large capital.


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