How To Make Great Profits From Forex Trading?

In the beginning it is obvious to know what is the re-pricing process that we are talking about within the Forex or Forex market, and re-pricing simply means that the broker you deal with is in most cases a trading company or brokerage or perhaps the investor investor who manages Accounts, cannot or will not want to give you the trading process you offer based on the price you have selected and chosen in the process of your store.

This usually occurs in fast-moving markets such as stock exchanges and money markets such as Forex, and usually occur in the cases of re-pricing near the times of the announcement of urgent news or news that create a kind of shock to the system or market. Of course, any trader in the Forex market decides to buy or sell a certain currency pair at a specified price and then press the appropriate button on the trading platform to do so.

When the broker or trading company receives this, but what happens in cases where the market is affected by an important event affecting the market and the investors, and therefore the possibility that the market will move rapidly so that the intermediate company is unable to execute the order at the price set by the trader. This situation shows the re-pricing announcement on the platform where the person is trading to tell him that the price has moved and exceeds the number he has set, and gives him the opportunity to decide whether to accept the new price, which is often worse than the price he chose at the first time. Therefore, the broker in the forex market will always ask you about your decision before performing any trades you make.

As we mentioned in the introduction, the Forex market usually moves very quickly and quickly, and every minute of it, or maybe less, can carry a big price change. The chance of these slips and sharp price changes increases when important and urgent news is announced. Investors and traders in the Forex market are important in their impact on the market.

What is important is that when this sharp price change occurs within the market platform, it makes it very difficult for a company that acts as a broker between the trader and the market to execute the demand at the price set by the trader to carry out the trading that he wants at a particular moment, It is possible to call the "Liquidity Pool" or the "Broker Broker" to withdraw and execute the order, raise the price or refuse to accept the price and does not recognize anything if What he wanted. Here the broker sees the brokerage firm as saying that the price available is not the price set by the trader in the process he has specified and asked, and the broker will reply that he will get another price definitely worse than requested.

How to protect your Forex account from re-pricing It is not difficult to protect yourself in your Forex account from the re-pricing process and there is no guarantee, so be careful at the beginning of contracting with a trading company or broker to be a strong broker and guaranteed in the market. In this case, when you choose a specific price request for your currency pair, you know that your broker is willing to accept your order at the price you have chosen yourself or may give you a better price.

It is better to inform them in advance that you will not agree to pay more than the price you chose for the trading process you initiated in the trading platform in the Forex market, and that you are fully prepared to cancel the trading process if not according to the data you have chosen yourself.

Forex Trading Features
To encourage someone to start a path, one must be fully aware of the advantages that this road carries at all levels. The answer to the first question is what are the advantages that a person finds in the Forex market, "the currency trading market", we find that the first is the opportunity is distinctive and always available to make a profit. The Forex market is an open global market that is not subject to any customs, tax, technical or logistical obstacles, and thus is an open and very large market for securities.

In addition, the Forex market includes most international institutions and major banks, including central government banks such as the US Federal Reserve, the European Bank, the Bank of Japan and others, or private and investment banks around the world such as NGB, Barclays and others. In addition, the volume of investments or trades in the Forex market currently exceeds $ 4 billion a day, which is a huge figure that reflects the size of this market and reflects the size of the opportunities available to achieve gains.


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