How to avoid loss in the Forex market?

Several traps in the global currency market or Forex trap beginners who lack experience in dealing and avoid falling into the traps of these Forex traps easily.

There are many traps in the global currency market or Forex, and especially these traps stand for the Forex traders more novices who lack experience in dealing and avoid falling into the traps of these traps easily. Many traders may not really understand how much risk they may have while trading and trading in Forex. But this market as any kind of other open markets for trading, so experts confirm in the field of Forex and advise the beginners, especially those who disregard trading in Forex and consider it a kind of games of luck that will be happy and enjoy spending time for entertainment and at the same time an area where they are profitable profits easily.

In fact, an area needs to be a good follower to form the pattern on the trading platform in order to make profits through the trading distinct and deliberate. The following are a number of points that novice traders must be careful to adhere to so as not to be exposed to Forex traps in the Forex market:

Forex Traps: How to be wary of the traps of Forex companies?
We recommend not to rely on any kind of automated trading in the Forex market: Here we do not say that the automated programs marketed by some Forex companies for new and beginners to make it easier for them to trade electronically without full intervention of them, but what we are warning him is that these programs are very automated What fails to achieve good results There are many practical experiences that have confirmed to experts and workers in the Forex market and in the currency trading that these programs in circulation rely on software based on data does not succeed in all circumstances and circumstances because this market is variable and moving and even when repeated positions A certain market does not share the same old-fashioned market and it is really difficult to deal with it with registered models.

So, if you really know how to manage the settings of these automated programs and manage your trading in the Forex market, you will be able to make a distinctive profit these programs will help you very not to be exposed to different Forex traps, but if you are not able to control and control the market at the same time will be Easily exposed to Forex traps with regret. To understand the difference, we would like to give a simple example of the difference between automatic and normal trading.
Trading with the automated forex market is very much like converting a passenger's aircraft into an aeronautics system, an excellent idea as long as the flight is safe and there is no worry-causing emergency, but suppose a fire is going on in one of the aircraft engines. In this case, It is a skilled pilot to land safely in the aircraft and use all the prescribed emergency steps that the commander knows perfectly. For example, the Forex market requires a skilled trader who can trade efficiently and can overcome the sudden and volatile market conditions that can occur at any time. The first is done using robot (automated) rather than rolling.

We must take care of the trading ability and margin call in the course of trading in the Forex market: and say that because the firm in this market says that trading is one of the most trading types that have the largest share of trading capabilities in large financial markets. Therefore, what you need to know correctly, that trading in the Forex market as a factor for profit and gain is one of the most important traps, and this does not mean to be afraid of trading or what advice and guidance we offer you now. When we practice to trade seriously and take our time completely at this stage, the result will be an amazing ability to read the market and understand the movements and ability to distinguish the good trading and making profits. In order to understand the trading power of the Forex market, it is simple.

You know that the majority of Forex trading sites offer a 100: 1 trading power system. This allows you to control $ 100 for every dollar you deposit in your account, $ 10,000 for every $ 100 and so on. This means that every trading you do is back to you with a profit margin of 1%, you now have a profit margin of 100% or God is 100% loss. It is very important that you place stop loss points, which are simple strategies that every novice can do to protect himself from falling into the Forex traps. We mentioned in a previous article and summarized in putting a certain end to stop the process and ensure that you do not risk more than 2-5% of the value of your account in any trading.