How do I know the most important Forex indicators?

The risks and negatives of news or important events can have a significant impact on the average trader or novice. The five most important Forex indicators that drive the Forex market.

When it comes to the Forex market, most traders use either fundamental or technical analysis or a combination of the two to form a trading strategy within the market. We know that the fundamental analysis is the analysis that depends on dealing with important news, whether economic, political or other. The technical analysis is a mathematical and technical analysis based on the extrapolation of market data, prices, price trends and the movement of the index of the currency pair in which we are trading.

However, because the average trader or novice, the risks and negatives of news or important events may have a significant impact on trading within the market. We decided to talk in this article about the five most important indicators of the Forex market, which moves the US dollar against the euro in 2012 so that this is only indicative guide may find a clear impact continues this year and may have a relatively less impact.

The reason we focus more on the EURUSD is that it is the most widely traded pair in the FX market and is therefore the market's benchmark pair and is measured by all other currency pairs.

Forex indicators: The importance of economic data It is certain that the news or data and statistics and economic reports important issued by the major countries, whether their governments or major institutions within, can cause a sharp reaction within the currency market and other financial markets.

But these news and economic data do not affect the market and deal with it equally in interest and in anticipation of the impact on market movement. For example, the Non-Farm Payrolls report released monthly by the US government in Washington has a greater impact on the US dollar than other known market drivers such as consumer price reports. In addition, economic indicators rarely maintain the same degree of impact on the market, so it is common to see major changes in the list of the most important news affecting the Forex market from year to year.

For example, in 2012, the worst downturn in the US property market in the last quarter of a century led to well-known indicators such as the new and existing home sales report until the best issues were issued compared to previous years. Another example is the report on the ASM industry which Led to the beginning of a continuous movement on a currency and on a daily basis, differ with movements that lead to a strong reaction to the US dollar.

Forex Indices:
The Five Most Important Market Indicators The Non-Farm Payrolls Report is a semi-annual report issued in Washington by the US government that strongly affects the levels and exchange rate of the US dollar and affects its level both in the financial markets and the stock exchange or the currency market.

The ISM report for non-manufacturing sectors is a quarterly report issued by the US government, a strong indicator of its impact on the US dollar and causing a strong reaction within the Forex market at the time of its release.

Personal spending is a monthly report issued in the United States of America, and its impact has been very large and clear in the last three years. Inflation Report "Consumer Price Index" We mentioned in an earlier tripartite article that affects some of them and affects strongly in the financial markets, including the currency market "Forex", namely the tranche of interest, inflation, currency exchange rate.

The Existing Home Sales report, a US government report in Washington, is important in clarifying the growth of the US real estate sector. The news that we consider in trading and trading currencies "Forex" is important and deserves attention, focus and exploitation is the news of inflation issued by the US government, and all the news of the US Federal Reserve Central Bank, central banks in the superpowers such as Japan, England and the European Central Bank. In addition to the news of major natural disasters, wars and political tensions, and the news and developments of stock markets and bonds "global stock markets."

The European Union, the European Commission and the economic performance reports of European countries, the United States, Japan and Australia are among the most important. Trade reports and large trade crises, and it is also very important to follow the reports of unemployment rate, interest rates and new job data.


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