Forex Trading Steps

Forex trading is done by buying and selling currency against another for profit, and this trade is the most attractive among all kinds of electronic trading in the world.

Here are 3 steps to start this trade which has a turnover of 5 trillion dollars
Open a Forex account in a currency trading company
By registering with a high-end company through which you will receive a trading platform that connects you to the market, the currency pairs will also appear on the price screen. The company will ask you to send identification papers and then you will be able to deposit an amount in your account and start trading it.
Choose a particular currency pair, for example EUR / USD, if you expect a rise in the EUR / USD price click Buy, if you expect a dollar rally here click Sell.
When you find a profit on your trades, close the trade to benefit from the profits.

Forex Trading Skills
Here are the most important indicators that will determine the price or direction of the next price:
From rsi: It means sales saturation and saturation of the purchase, when the satisfaction of my sale Buy and when the indicator shows saturation of my purchase Click Sell.
Support and resistance lines: eye collides the price with a historic resistance line Click Sell and when the price collides with the historical support line click Buy.
Sound Risk Management: It means carefully defining the size of the transaction to match the deposited capital. It trades at $ 1,000, opens small trades and trades at $ 10,000 will be able to open larger positions.
Be patient and control the appetite in trading as well as overcome the fear when opening a deal, especially that dealing with the international stock market, which could scare some people. You can also access Forex courses to get the best results in currency trading.

The Forex market is simply a market in which foreign currency traders buy and sell among all trading participants of all sizes, through forex brokers or brokers.

Types of Forex Trading Accounts
There are two basic types of accounts in Forex, a real account, a demo account.

Start trading forex, gold, oil, digital currencies and stocks as well.
Here are some tips that will help you in the trading process:
1. Select only one currency pair to trade with, for example EUR / USD.
2. Get free Forex recommendations from trading experts in the Arab world.
3 - Learn technical analysis in Forex, so that you can understand the volatility of the market and predict and face.
4. Be aware of Forex news, economy and politics because they have a direct impact on the movement of the Forex market.
5 - Connect with other traders from everywhere in the Arab world, through the first social network interactive trading, to link traders and investors together in one place, where each trader can share his trading strategies, analyzes, news and profits.

Why is it advisable to deal with investment houses in exchange for brokerage firms during the trading of Forex?
Forex trading such as the US dollar and other currencies, or trading digital currencies and other currencies, or trading any of the products or financial assets requires a trading broker that allows you to trade and make profits.

We will focus on forex trading, currency trading, gold and oil trading.

What are brokerage firms?
Brokerage companies are businesses that enable investors and Forex traders to execute buy / sell transactions on the financial product through electronic trading platforms that allow them to sell and buy foreign currencies, for example.

Brokerage companies - as it is evident from their name - play the role of intermediary between the seller and the buyer only to facilitate the trading deal, and it is not entitled to play a greater role than this.

There are many regulatory laws developed by legal institutions that monitor financial markets.

Investment Houses for Forex Trading
The investment house is different from the brokerage firms. The latter's role is limited to the buying and selling broker only, while the investment houses are like the commercial fund for all services related to trading. They can trade through investment houses with brokerage companies.

These are the advantages that you find in the investment foerx, which can be treated as a reference to choose an investment house for trading:
1. An investment house dealing with licensed Forex companies, preferably by the British Financial Supervisory Authority (FCA).
2- An investment house whose site is social and has a feed like Facebook (contains comments and interaction with the site) to follow up comments and interactions of previous clients.
3 - Investment House does not add an additional commission on the client (Markup)
4- An investment house that offers recommendations of high success rate and proven trading strategies.
5- An investment house that offers a distinguished advisory service and personal escort.
6 - Investment House offers courses of high efficiency in Forex.
7. An investment house with a team of experts and a website, not an expert who transfers clients to companies and does not have the time to provide them with adequate support.